Sony 135mm f1.8 GM Review

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Hey, guys and girls here is my latest review on the Sony 135mm f1.8 GM

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7 thoughts on “Sony 135mm f1.8 GM Review

  • Rickylee Vigil

    Hello there quick question, I just bought my 135 gm brand new and I noticed before I even took it out of the bubble wrap that it feels like something is moving around slightly when I tip the lens up and down, after putting it on the camera it works fine and everything seems ok, but is it normal when the lens is off camera to feel like something is moving when your holding it??? Thanks appreciate your time

  • Dee Yammy

    Don't diss Sigma! Especially since you never held and used it! The difference is very minimal only in very low light, you should at least check other reviewers who ACTUALLY compared the two. "significantly lighter? LOL! Yeah by 180 grams… I would say that's not significant. Jared Polin has a great review with out bias. Watch that.

  • PavelR2

    I miss two things:
    * AF is noticeably faster than any other lens I own especially 70-200GM
    * bokeh shape of highlights is far better on 85GM (almost round on all the frame, 135 only in the dead center)
    PS: CA on 85 is visible only in looking at 1:1 magnification, thus I do not afraid to shoot wide open (on 85 & 135) any silver surface like cars, water, jewelry.

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