Watch as Weezna shows how he recapped the Allen & Heath GL4000 power supplies. In this video the RPS11 power supply was recapped using Nichicon capacitors to make it more stable and hopeful prevent any power issues in the future. I purchased the capacitors from the online store Mouser Electronics. The Capacitors purchased were (4) 35v 10,000uf, (2) 50v 470uf, and (1) 100v 2,200uf per power supply.
Get your track mixed and/or mastered by Weezna at True Sound Studios:
MIXING: $30/Hour
MASTERING: $30/Track
Custom Produced Tracks: HIP HOP – EDM – POP – ROCK Tracks
Instagram: truesoundstudios
Facebook: TSSrecording
Twitter: TSSBuffalo
Snapchat: TrueSound Weezna
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True Sound Studios uses:
DAW – Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
Plugins: Waves, Slate Digital, Softube
Mixing Console – Allen & Heath GL 4000:
Master Clock – Apogee Big Ben:
AD/DA Converters – Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MX:
Compressors – DBX 160x,160a,163:
Monitors – Dynaudio BM6A:
BACKGROUND: Ryan Weezna – Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Keyboardist, Drummer, Singer
• Shared the stage with acts including Rihanna, Plain White T’s and Teddy Geiger
• Produced and recorded over 3800 tracks of mixed musical genres
• Created music and appeared on major TV networks including, MTV, VH1 and CMT and ABC Family
• Worked with industry leading producers such as Shep Goodman, Kenny Gioia, and Sam Conjerti Jr.


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