Aloha! Welcome back to my channel and thank you for stopping by! I’m Amanda, Air Force veteran turned stay at home mom and planner addict. I have three kiddos aged 11, 7, and 5. I started this channel to share some of my favorite things with people and connect with others. We are currently living in Hawaii and are scheduled to make a military move in the beginning of next year. Thanks for watching and I hope you decide to subscribe and stick around!

Today’s video is all about allowance. If you are like us, you may be struggling to find something that works and hopefully this video gives some great advice and inspiration. The main focus of the video is on the Greenlight debit card system which we are currently using. I filmed this a few weeks ago, and I can say not that we LOVE it after using the cards for a bit. It’s the perfect system for us right now and I’m so happy we decided to try it.

If you’d like to sign up also, you can use this link below and you will receive $10. We also receive $10 so thank you in advance if you decide to use it! If not, no worries! You can totally go to their website and sign up also.

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