Huawei P30 Pro review: The phone that sees in the dark…

The Huawei P30 has an incredible camera and insane battery life. Is it the best device so far in 2019? Read more:

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48 thoughts on “Huawei P30 Pro review: The phone that sees in the dark…

  • Exterminence

    I could care less about the cameras on phones. I think the only time I've used the cameras on my phones was to take a couple of snapshots of my dogs and to have proof, on camera, of my neighbor's trash that always ends up in my front yard and show those pics to the cops…THATS IT!! If I want to take serious photos I bring out my 90 year old German, pre WWII view camera, my Nikon camera setup from the '60s or my Mamiya TLR pro camera from the'50s and lots of rolls and/or sheets of black and white film and my 60 y.o. light meter. If you want to learn how to master photography, take a college photography class and put the digital crap away! A phone is a friggin phone for making phone calls and texts. I must admit, however, that I do like the Amazon Prime VIDEO and music players and I love the Quad DAC setup on my LG V40. But even then, I still use my 13 y.o. Motorola Razor as my main phone that I carry around most of the time and leave the Phablet at home. And I'm probably going to stick to that arrangement for good, that is, until my Razor gives out – then I guess I'll have to start hauling that enormous monstrosity around. Ok, ok I'll get off my soap box now, lol. I just don't understand the love affair that people have with phone cameras ESPECIALLY the "selfie" – good God Almighty!! It shouldn't be called "taking a selfie" it should be called "taking a lonely"! If you can't find a friend to take a picture of you, you've got problems. And please, for God's sake, stop taking pictures of food that you're getting ready to stuff down you're gullet. Nobody cares!! Ok, off the soap box now…

  • erickrayos

    got the P30 instead of the Pro coz the pro was too big imo and no headphone jack and just got the phone yesterday. and that lowlight photos is amazing even on the non pro version.

    I think the dew drop style notch is better, at first I thought it will bother me watching videos on my phone but it actually doesn't. you almost don't even notice it once you're watching whatever you are watching on the phone.

  • harshadso

    I just got this phone a couple of days ago and super happy with the decision. The battery charging time is phenomenal and having moved from the iPhone, it is just surreal. The camera is fantastic too. It has a couple of little quirks where something just randomly happens – like a random application opening up whilst I’m in YouTube but perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

  • Remus X

    Are you paid by Huawei to promote their phones? I bought a huawei p 20 phone, it is faulty, the GPS function is not working, in black background near the side buttons there are some spots under the screen. I didn`t use the phone at all, I inserted the card, checked the connection to the GSM operator, connected the WiFi and then the GPS function. I wanted to return it in less than 24h but it is not accepted by the store, I also wrote to Huawei but for nothing . For me, huawei meant fraud, government pressure from China, exploitation of human weakness through marketing campaign, online support from the trolls and paid advertising, useful people who don`t have the phone but they like the advertisement or use basic functions such as speaking and sending texts .

  • Quadflopper101

    it would be interesting to find out if someone who actually had to shell out 1400 of their hard earned dollars for the phone would sound just as excited….


    Dear Samsung fan's..There is a good news..Night Mode feature has been came in new Updates..Today I have updated software & Seen Night mode feature It's really awesome..

  • JustifyJustin

    Huawei seems to be making class leading phones these days, now there's just the matter of their dubious harvesting of personal information and backdoor history… meh – activates Millennial mode THAT CAMERA THOUGH! 🙂 😉

  • KinnArchimedes

    For the first time ever, considering a Huawei phone. Well done Huawei. Just don't spy on us for the Chinese Government, please?

  • Asjad Hasan

    The whole review was about the photography, as much as I like it, there should be somewhat of a mention of the software, bloatware, slowdowns etc. as well? Maybe the sound quality from the speakers/earpiece? Not much was discussed in this review. I hope there's a more detailed one in the works.

  • Kamal Hussain

    The Mate 20 Pro has a QHD+ screen as opposed to the P30 pro's FHD+ screen. So to call it a Mate 20 Pro+ is deceptive to say the least. Especially when omitting such an important detail.

  • CHRL Mlln

    Thank you, sir, for this excellent and very informative review! I am about to purchase this model and your review was a great and very good help! Wishing you all the very Best! Friendly greetings from Sweden! (Thumbs up and now also subscribing your channel!)

  • PotatoPirate

    Owned and used both (currently using the P30 Pro), and to call it a Mate 20 Plus is a stretch, in my opinion: the Mate has some advantages over the P30 Pro, given that it has stereo speakers, a notification LED, IR Face unlock that works with no light whatsoever and a noticeably higher resolution screen. I still prefer the P30 Pro overall but I don't think it's a better phone, all things considered

  • Shashi Mali

    I have a p30 pro… I got to say I am a bit underwhelmed with the screen….the screen isn't sharp and the colours look washed out. I have moved from the one plus 3t, and find myself preferring the screen on the 3t over the p30 pro……i feel like I am the only person in the world complaining about it as I can't see anyone else complaining… I dunno if I got a defect model or not

  • Mike Collins

    99% of users really care about camera and the battery life?

    Like really? Maybe different logical function would fit and by that I mean "or".
    And what about users that use their phone for – surprise, surprise – communication (emails, messages, phone calls – that's brave statement, who cares about phone calls) are they just 1% of phone users?

  • Shazley Sahib

    Still a bit behind Samsung & Apple in terms of selfie & video but definitely can't be beaten in terms of flexibility & in the dark. Curious to see how the Mate 30 will improve on this. Hope they'll make a Mate 30 X!

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