How YOLO App works Inside Snapchat

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11 thoughts on “How YOLO App works Inside Snapchat

  • Kiara B

    i just wanted to say:

    1) most kids on snapchat only add their friends from school (that they know are their friends because of the name, bitmoji, their selfies, etc.) snapchat will suggest you add friends in the “quick add” section based on who your current friends have already added. if kids are adding back people that they don’t know, then they’re clearly too young to handle having social media.
    2) allowing yolo to send your phone notifications is simply just so that you don’t have to continuously check the yolo app to see if you got messages. getting notifications on your phone is in NO WAY dangerous, and DOES NOT cause or anxiety/depression.
    3) because the only people who can see their story are their accepted friends, no real predators can actually contact them.
    4) yolo is simply a fun way to ask your friends questions, crack a joke, or confess to crushing on them- without the embarrassment of confrontation. it’s in no way shape or form dangerous, and if kids happen to get inappropriate or harmful messages they can just stop posting yolos. it’s as simple as that.
    5) snapchat is in fact much less dangerous than other social media apps such as facebook, twitter, or the most popular with teens today: instagram, where kids with non-private accounts CAN actually be accessed by predators far more easily. these social media apps, or apps like tinder and other online dating sites are primarily where kids, teens, and even adults are targeted by predators posing as peers, and will pressure them into pictures, meet ups, and engage in other inappropriate behavior. these situations don’t often happen with snapchat, and definitely NOT with yolo.

    yolo is completely safe, where the only “harm” could be harassing messages, where once again, they can delete the app and stop participating in these trends. personally, i don’t think it’s a good idea to be spreading the idea to parents and other administrative figures that yolo can be so dangerous, when in reality there is very little harm or risk.

    thank you that’s all.

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