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Emerson Crown 50″ ceiling fan in heavy texture white, still in the original packaging. The only thing different from the original video is the blade set used. At the time of the old video, I didn’t have a lot for spare Emerson blades and used what I had. These days I do have more spares, but I didn’t really have much of anything that suited this fan other than normal appliance white. While I do like wood tone blades on white fans, for some reason I don’t like them as much on cleaner textured finishes like this fan or Casablanca’s architectural white. It has to be a very specific lighter range of tones, most of my Emerson blades are darker woods. You can hear on the higher speeds in this video it has developed some sort of new noise that goes in and out. I couldn’t tell if it’s a housing rattle from being a little loose, or bearing chatter. It could’ve been either, but I didn’t go into diagnosing because I wasn’t going to fix anything now when it was going back in the box. Otherwise performance is amazing as usual with an Emerson K55 fan, extremely powerful with a nice low speed. I love the Crown in all iterations because it’s ornate, but not old fashioned. Really a very elegant design that has defied the discontinuation of many ornate models of years past.


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