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20 Games That Defined the SNK Neo Geo

1990 NAM-1975 (SNK)
1990 Magician Lord (ADK)
1991 King of the Monsters (SNK)
1991 Sengoku (SNK)
1991 Fatal Fury (SNK)
1992 World Heroes (ADK)
1992 Super Sidekicks (SNK)
1992 Art of Fighting (SNK)
1992 Viewpoint (Sammy)
1993 Samurai Shodown (aka Samurai Spirits) (SNK)
1993 Spinmaster (Data East)
1994 Aero Fighters 2 (aka Sonic Wings 2) (Video System)
1994 King of Fighters ’94 (SNK)
1994 Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move) (Taito)
1995 Stakes Winner (Saurus)
1996 Magical Drop II (Data East)
1996 Metal Slug (SNK)
1997 The Last Blade (SNK)
1997 Neo Bomberman (Hudson Soft)
2004 Samurai Shodown V Special (SNK)


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