New version of Garry’s Mod Android is released.

I don’t want to make a new version of xash mod.
But you can check out my full gmod mobile unity 3D port here:

Google Drive-

Src Mod.apk-

⬇️ Installation guide:

▶️Video guide:

U can use any extractor app!
Extract your downloaded file with RAR

✔️Download Xash3D FWGS app:

Open it and choose ur local game files
(Storage/0/emulated/Download/Garry’s Mod on Android by…/
Garry’s Mod on Android…./valve

Launch 🔶Src Mod and Enjoy

Enjoy! ❗Note: if want to play on new gm11_construct press Hazard Course button in a menu.

🔶Official Src mod VKontakte Group

#srcmod #gmodandroid #xashmod


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